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24 Rés-do-Chão

24 Rés-do-Chão

Day Zero Project

Dates: January 04, 2014 - October 01, 2016



1. Graduate from college
2. Take a Master's Degree
3. Get a job
4. Get my driver’s license
5. Buy a car
6. Move out of my mother’s house
7. Move to another town or foreign country
8. Grow out my hair past chest-length
9. Adopt a dog or a cat from an animal shelter
10. Learn French (to a conversation level)
11. Learn Italian (the basics)
12. Learn how to say “Hello” and “Thank you” in 10 other languages
13. Buy a Reflex camera
14. Buy myself a pair of high heels
15. Go swimming with dolphins
16. Overcome a fear
17. Kiss someone in the rain
18. Say “Yes” when I want to say no 3 times (not consecutive)
19. Meet one virtual friend



20. Buy a meaningful gift for my mother on her birthday
21. Take my mother on vacation
22. Make a birthday cake for someone
23. Send 101 postcards via
24. Donate money/food/clothes to an institution
25. Volunteer



26. Maintain this blog/post about each item on the list
27. Develop a steady blogging habit
28. Blog daily for 2 consecutive months
29. Post exclusively in English for 1 consecutive month



30. See the Eiffel Tower
31. See NYC from the top of the Empire State Building
32. Visit Italy
33. Visit the UK
34. Visit Ireland
35. Go to Porto
36. Go to Coimbra
37. Act like a tourist in my own town
38. Go to 15 different restaurants
39. Go to 5 different museums
40. Go to the movie teather 25 times
41. Visit the Zoo and the Aquarium
42. Go to the beach out of summer season
43. Go to a movie alone
44. See one of my favorite bands live
45. Sleep under the stars
46. Watch the sunrise
47. Watch the sunset
48. Go sailing
49. Take a surfing lesson
50. Take a scuba diving course



51. Read 101 books (apart from the other books in the DZP)
52. Read all A Song of Ice and Fire books
53. Read all Harry Potter books
54. Read 10 classics
55. Read 15 new series
56. Watch all the seasons and movies of Sex and the City
57. Watch all the seasons of Friends
58. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet
59. Repeat number 58
60. Make a top 50 favorite movies
61. Re-read 15 books



62. Write a novel (NaNoWriMo)
63. Fill a moleskine with rants
64. Start a collection of some kind
65. Complete e 365 day photo challenge
66. Take a self-portrait every week for one year
67. Take 25 different pictures of Lisbon
68. Get a Wreck this Journal and finish it
69. Send a handwritten letter to someone
70. Write 10 unsent letters to people in your life/past
71. Write letters to myself to be read in 5 and 10 years
72. Identify 101 things that make me happy or smile
73. Write about or photograph the 101 things listed above
74. Paint a canvas



75. Bake 10 different cakes
76. Bake 10 different pies
77. Cook 10 new recipes
78. Eat 5 foreign foods
79. Eat healthy food for a week
80. Don’t eat fast-food for a month
81. No French fries for a month
82. No chocolate and sweets for a month
83. No soda for a month
84. Eat a piece of fruit a day for 2 weeks
85. Run on weekends or day-offs for 8 weeks
86. Go to the gym 3 days per week for 3 months
87. Attend 5 kick-boxing classes
88. Attend a yoga class
89. Cook lasagna from scratch
90. Go to a spa



91. Don’t smoke for 6 months
92. Keep an “Organization Journal” for 6 months
93. Go to bed at 10pm every week day for a month
94. Wake up at 9am for 4 weekends
95. Clean my room once a month
96. Spend 10 days without technology (not consecutive)
97. Go one week without Facebook three times
98. Turn my phone off for 24 hours 3 times
99. Go one month without buying any unnecessary items
100. Save money for a year
101. Finish writing another 101 things list by the end of 1001 days

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